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CHOICES Wholesale Jerseys China , CHOICES, CHOICES CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES thats what lifes journey is all about CHOICES! For many things, this is an easy and empowering concept to embrace. Someone asks you out to dinner. Do you really want to go? You decide "yes" or "no". You're at choice. Someone asks you to do something you DON'T want to do. Again, you're at choice..."yes" or "no" But let's get down to the choice of becoming healthy. DO YOU have a choice to become healthier? YOU sure do have that choice but why is it that our society is getting fatter and fatter each time we watch the news and tv. HMMM! After all isnt it our choice to stay fat or do something about our body fat, OUR LIFE, OUR DESTINY OUR FAMILIES FUTURE? In life we got 4 choices to each and every decision we make, lets take a look at these 4 choices. CHOICE #1 - STAY in the perspective of "I don't have a choice" WHILE RESISTING or RESENTING the original commitment. This is a CHOICE. CHOICE #2 - Make a new agreement. I'm big on keeping my word, however I believe it's even MORE important to "be at choice". And, often times creating a new agreement is best for YOU. CHOICE #3 - Explore alternative resources. When we're locked into "I don't have a choice", we're less likely to explore alternative resources or to accept help from others. Set aside your ego and the need to be "significant". Give up the notion of something "having" to be hard. Be WILLING for it to be easier. It doesn't always have to be a struggle. "Be at choice" and open yourself up to the alternatives. Ask a powerful question. One of my friends is always asking Wholesale MLB Jerseys , "How can this be done more easily and efficiently?" Funny thing is, there is usually an easier way if we're open to it, and she is ALWAYS finding a way. CHOICE #4 - ALIGN with your original CHOICE and DECIDE to ENJOY it or at the very least ACCEPT it. FIND SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR CHOICE - the challenge of it, working with a team, using your creativity, the feeling of accomplishment when the task is complete, knowing you're a person of your word, learning and growth opportunities, or simply CHOOSING to follow through and give your best. I'm not suggesting you PRETEND, or that this is always EASY. I am suggesting that even in the most challenging of situations there is ALWAYS a way to RE-FRAME things within yourself and re-align with CHOICE if you're open to that possibility. Focus on what excited you about the project in the first place. Focus on what following through with your choice will give you. So here we are and we have made a CHOICE to become healthier and live life to the fullest capacity we can live it to. As discussed earlier we do have a choice to stay fat or be a healthier and leaner person. We choose to over eat, not exercise, eat poor choices of food Wholesale NBA Jerseys , not drink enough water, are you getting the picture yet? Is this you? Most of population is like this, so how can we change our beliefs and start believing in ourselves that we can become leaner and healthier? To give you an idea what we need to do there are some words that I keep on repeating on a daily basis. ?CHOICE AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR TODAY! FOR A HEALTHIER, LEANER BODY TOMORROW! Remember if you think that any choice is hard, IT WILL BE HARD, THINK ITS EASY AND YOUR LAUGHING DOWN THE ROAD OF SUCCESS OF A LIFETIME. YOU CAN DO IT, JUST DO IT Wholesale NHL Jerseys , YOU WILL SUCCEED, THIS IS EASY, I AM WORTH IT! For more information please visit the following websites for daily inspiration and motivation to get your journey of a healthy active lifestyle started. http:theweightingroom.blogspot http:www.theweightingroom From birth I was diagnosed with a syndrome called Prader Willi, it is a complicated syndrome that affects numerous systems of the body. More information on this syndrome can be found at http:www.pwsausa.org As you can see this syndrome can be very discouraging if a person is obese and needs to lose weight in order to live, but with my doctors always saying i would not and could not lose weight i was always disagreeing and pushing forward. My message to all of you visiting my web site is NEVER GIVE UP, never let go of your dreams and always push yourself out of your comfort zone as that's the zone where amazing things start to happen. I TOOK CHARGE OF MY LIFE AND SO CAN YOU, YOU WILL SUCCEED. If you have any questions, concerns or need help with getting motivated inspired you may contact me at nelson@theweightingroom How to deal with iPhone app developers? Fluet Nasuti
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