Topic: Create a cross tab function SQL

create procedure spr_CrossTab   

    @SelectStatement varchar(8000),   
    @colsHorizontal varchar(100), 
    @content varchar(100),   
    @colsVertikal varchar(100), 
    @colsAdditional varchar(100) = Null 

set nocount on 
set ansi_warnings off 
declare @Values varchar(8000); 
set @Values = ''; 
set @colsAdditional= isNull(', ' + @colsAdditional,'') 
create table #Temp (Tempfield varchar(100)) 
insert into #Temp 
exec ('select distinct convert(varchar(100),' + @colsHorizontal + ') as Tempfield FROM (' + @SelectStatement + ') A') 
select @Values = @Values + ', ' +   
replace(replace(@isi,'(','(CASE WHEN ' + @colsHorizontal + '=''' +   
Tempfield + ''' THEN '),')[', ' END) as [' + Tempfield ) 
from #Temp   
order by Tempfield 
drop table #Temp 
exec ( 'select ' + @colsVertikal + @colsAdditional + @Values +   
' from (' + @SelectStatement + ') A GROUP BY ' + @colsVertikal) 
set nocount off 
set ansi_warnings on


Re: Create a cross tab function SQL

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