Topic: cavity structure design composite deck

a variety of surface treatment technology, thermal transfer, peritoneum or paint, according to the needs of their customers can produce a variety of beautiful appearance, and high stability, long life. 5, reasonable structure, high strength wood door special cavity structure design, the internal structure of wood plastic foaming material ideal,

with excellent formula design and reasonable production process, to ensure the strength of the product. Fast assembling structure of wood door, wood door installation time-saving by Germany package structure, door installation is very convenient, and the door jamb bayonet connection, without gun nails or glue, the installation time and effort.

Two, wood door shortcomings of the 1, wood plastic door, the main material is wood plastic materials, wood plastic material has the disadvantages of wood plastic door also has. 2, wood doors are emerging environmental protection products, so the market has not yet formed a very standard quality standard system.
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