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锘? If you are a beginner to the golfing world or even a seasoned golfer Dion Waiters Heat Jersey , you may be looking for a way to achieve a perfect golf swing. There are five main parts to a basic golf swing; these include your grip, your posture, backswing, downswing, and your follow through. The tips below can help you strengthen these five main areas and achieve the perfect swing.

Your Grip

There are basic guidelines to follow where your grip is concerned, but it is important to understand that everybodys grip is a little bit different and ultimately you must do what feels best for you.

If you're right-handed, your golf club should be held in your left hand. It should be barely touching your palm, as you should strive to do most of the holding of the club with your fingertips. Your pinky should be located near the top of the club, and only a few inches of the club should be above it.
Wrap your fingers completely around the shaft of the club and rest your thumb slightly to the right hand side of the center. If your thumb happens to go to the left hand side of the shaft, this will weaken your swing.
If your thumb and fingers are not forming the shape of a V at this point, then perform a slight adjustment with your hand until they are.
Place your right hand around the golf club below the left hand that has already been positioned, and lock the pinky of your right hand underneath the pointer finger of the left hand while keeping your grip and place.


This is the part of your golf swing that is often overlooked Chris Bosh Heat Jersey , but should not be. If you do not use correct posture while swinging a golf club, your swing will not be accurate nor will it have the maximum amount of drive behind it either.

As you are gripping your golf club, you should be standing sideways with your feet shoulder length apart.
Your knees should be bent, your head should be raised slightly, and you should be leaning forward slightly at the hips so that the golf club is resting lightly on the ground behind the tee.
Be sure to completely relax your muscles, and take a few practice swings to warm up.

The Backswing

This is the beginning of the actual swing itself, and is one of the most important parts to achieving the perfect swing. It is during this time that you will begin to move the clubs backwards up away from the ball. You will need to focus on rotating your body while extending your arms during this step.

Your eyes should remain on the ball during your entire backswing, and you should begin to move the golf club backwards over your right shoulder while turning the center of your chest in that direction as well.
Your right arm should be kept fairly straight and your left arm should be bent at a 90 angle.
The left knee should begin to bend in towards the right as you are performing the steps, and your weight will be placed on your right foot.
As you reach the top of your shoulder, your wrist should begin to rotate so the back of your right hand is facing away from you.


Without complete concentration in this area of your swing, you will not be able to make an accurate shot. Hitting the ball in the correct way, at the correct time is essential to achieving the perfect swing.

Begin to downswing by changing your weight distribution from your right foot back to your front left foot.
Focus on keeping your grip in place and following the same path down as you did up with the backswing. Your concentration should be on hitting through the ball and on towards your target Alonzo Mourning Heat Jersey , not simply towards stopping at the ball.
Hit the ball squarely when your shoulders are one again parallel with the ball, and follow through while watching the ball as it sails through the air.

The Follow Through

Without the proper follow through, your ball will not go in the right direction or the right distance. This is especially important when focusing on accuracy for shorter distances of fairways like those found on the courses in Branson, MO.

Make sure that after hitting the ball, your weight has shifted almost completely to your front foot.
Continue your swing while rotating arms and wrists until the club is up over your left hand shoulder.

The perfect swing is achievable, although it varies slightly from person to person. It all depends on the determination and effort that you are willing to put into practicing and perfecting your swing with the right techniques. Follow these tips to start developing your perfect swing today.
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